Chitika Online Ad Review and Payment Proof

Chitika is an online advertising network and is a good alternative after Google Adsense. It has decent CPC and CPM rates and caters more than 4 billion strategically targeted ads every month. It is the second largest

Tribal Fusion – Online Ad Review with Payment Proof

Tribal Fusion is a very popular online CPM advertising network. Here I have my review of Tribal Fusion along with payment proof. The requirements for getting accepted into the Tribal Fusion Publisher Network are quite high and

How to Hide close button link from the GreyBox Pop-Up

Here i will show you how to hide or remove the close button link from the top of the greybox popup header. If you are using the greybox for any viewers survey or for any social logins, that

Earn Money Online – The Ultimate Guide on How to earn Money Online

Earn Money Online: The three most popular words in the world wide web. There are millions of people earning huge sums of money online on a daily basis. Some are earning money through blogs or websites, some

Reduce the Data Usage of your iOS and Android Devices

We often search about tips and tricks in order to minimize our internet data usage. In the present world, we use the internet every day for all our day to day activities. Some individuals even spend more

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In this tutorial, I will guide you on how to add the Google+ comment box to your Blogger and WordPress. It is very easy to implement the code for Google+ comment box in your blog, whether it

Recover from Google Penguin 2.1 – The Ultimate Guide

If you think your website or blog has been hit by Penguin, follow the steps given below in order to recover from it - 1. Identify the Offending Backlinks The first step towards recovering from Penguin 2.1

Google Penguin 2.1 – A Brief Overview

Google released the fifth edition of its Penguin update on Friday, October 4, 2013. As you are already aware of, Penguin is a web span hunting algorithm developed by Google in order to devalue the page ranks

Yahoo Answers – Another Great Program to Drive Targeted Traffic

Yahoo Answers is the best Yahoo program to drive targeted traffic or visitors to your blog or website. Every blogger’s aim is to increase his or her blog traffic as much as possible. There are many bloggers

Simple Related Posts Widget for Blogger Blog

Are you searching for a fine widget that can display the related posts of your blogger blog? There are hundreds of related post plugins available in WordPress, but if you look in blogger there are no such