E-commerce Web Hosting – Important Features & its Requirements

E-commerce HostingThe concept of E-commerce has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. It has become a shopping hub for people all around the world. People buy mostly everything like clothes, food stuff, electronic gadgets and other items over internet. Therefore, the need of online stores has risen with time and using internet as the medium has created many opportunities for both small and large online businesses to taste success at an increasing rate. But it is very important for these online stores to set up such websites for their business which are user friendly, well-functional and at the same time is able to provide its customers with all the valuable information required for the growth of the business. No doubt, setting up a website is a difficult task but if you are aware of the features which you need to look for in a web server for E-commerce hosting, then this task can become very convenient for you.

An E-commerce website requires software and tools like shopping carts, secure socket layers etc. for online transactions. It also requires sufficient amount of storage space for data transfer. These websites usually include images of products and sometimes videos describing the products and services. If there is more storage space then the website will be able to perform better. So, a good hosting company is one which is able to support these tools for the E-commerce website and also provide plenty of web space. Moreover, if your E-commerce website drives a lot of traffic, you surely need more bandwidth. Better option would be to choose that hosting company which provides a package having unlimited bandwidth so that your customers find it comfortable to use your site.

Additionally, security is another important factor which should be considered as huge transactions take place daily on E-commerce websites. If any default occurs, your whole site could be at stake. Therefore, very high level of security has to be maintained by the hosting companies in order to achieve the trust of customers because if trust is broken once, it is difficult to regain it. Look for web servers with valid SSL certificate, anti-phishing applications and advanced firewalls. There are many providers which promise 99.9% uptime for the website but fail to keep up their promises. So before believing these companies, you should do thorough research yourself about the truth. In case, your site faces frequent downtimes, you are sure to lose customers as it is a fact that if customers are generally facing problems in opening pages, they will never come back. So ensure to hire that hosting provider which keeps its words.

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Webmasters should ensure that the operating system they are opting must be compatible with the server’s programming languages. Along with that, the response time of their website should be excellent. It must keep its performance at a high level so that customers are satisfied with it even during the peak timings especially when promotional schemes are offered in the festive seasons. Besides, the hosting companies should provide 24/7 customer support and you should double check if they are available on weekends and holidays.

Factors to be considered while Selecting E-commerce Web Hosting:

E-commerce is currently the most profitable and important emerging sector of the Internet. Over the past few years, it has expanded rapidly and is predicted to keep expanding at an accelerating rate. It makes business less costly, faster and more convenient. E-commerce provides you with everything that would traditionally be adjusted to optimize a businesses’ strategy. It is the primary sales channel and means of customer communication. Therefore, it is very important for your business website to be fast, functional and available 24/7.

The main aim of every business whether offline or online (E-commerce) is to gain profits and to keep costs low in order to sustain longevity. It is not a good idea to build your own E-commerce system as it might not be cost effective to run a business. To run the company’s E-commerce web hosting efficiently, you need to have dedicated servers along with human capital who can manage the website. Moreover, there is also a learning curve and time invested to keep the web hosting up and running. Overall, it’s a complicated process with the potential of a lot of errors.

To overcome this problem, you can opt for web hosting service providers that provide e-commerce web hosting services. The pathway to create an attractive and successful website is challenging. Therefore, you need to find the right e-commerce hosting provider for your e-commerce business. You have a variety of options available online and it’s becomes difficult to select the best one. So here we are mentioning certain factors which can be considered when selecting an e-commerce web hosting.

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Firstly, e-commerce business owners should give priority to bandwidth. Ensure that your web host provides you with adequate bandwidth so that your clients can access your website easily and download information without any hindrance. Opt for those providers who give you unlimited bandwidth and unlimited web space. Also make sure that the OS matches the programming language of the server. For example, if you have a PHP/MySQL cart, get Linux Hosting and if you have an ASP.Net shopping cart, opt for Windows Hosting. You should also check for the uptime and technical support provided. Prefer that web hosting company that provides 99.9% up time with 24/7 technical support through phone, email or live chat.

Redundancy and backup are also crucial factors. Look for those web hosting providers that have data backup system operating at least once a day or according to customer’s business requirements. Generally, small e-commerce websites find it economical to run on shared server and large e-commerce websites find dedicated servers more suitable. Therefore, Web hosting Company should offer you with the server options so that you can choose according to your convenience.

Last but not the least; e-commerce web hosting should have sufficient security measures in place to ensure that data is completely protected. You should know the security protocol that the web hosting company uses to protect customers’ data from various virus attacks, hacking and cracks that will be attempted to the servers. They should upgrade and maintain these security measures.

For running a successful e-commerce business, you need to build a strong portfolio so that you can attract the big guns and build a rapport in the market. However, you should be aware about this fact that unless you provide something unique to your customers, it will be very difficult for you to make big because of high competition in the market. So never think of providing e-commerce hosting solution yourself unless you are fully ready with the essential goodies. Make thorough research to look for the best e-commerce web hosting for your business.